FerroActiv  is a product formulated with GS and GD technology (the granules are 100 % soluble and dispersable in water, easy to be assimilated, which means an efficient and fast control of the ferric chlorosis. The iron is essential for the chlorophyll synthesis and for the plant development. The iron takes part in the different levels of electron transportation chain, fundamental for the cell respiration and in the metabolism of enzymes and proteins. It also has an important role in the nitrogen fixation.

The deficiency of iron is a common problem in the alkaline soils with high calcareous, carbonates and phosphate contents: A deficiency of Fe produces inadequate supply of chlorophyl, causing foliar chlorosis. Although the plants need small quantities of iron, its absence cause problems in the system, where any anomaly in the foliation produces general disorders in the production of proteins, enzymes and other components, essential for its development. Leaves venation discolours and progressively a yellowing appears.

Symptoms of inhibition of the plant respiration. In an advanced stage, the plant can have necrosis and even die.

FerroActiv  Is an EC fertilizer based on EDDHA-iron and formulated looking for the high concentration on ortho-ortho EDDHA isomer which provides the optimum efficiency in extreme calcium and alkalinity soil conditions.  As chelating agents include in the EC regulation on fertilizers (nr. 2003/2003 D.O.C.E 21/11/2003).

Orhto-ortho-EDDHA guarantees the maximum stability and persistence on the soil. Usually after 1 – 2 weeks, when the product has reached the roots, the crop becomes green again.
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