AminoActiv® GS 250 
A Solid Aminoacid Fertilizer 

AminoActiv® GS 250 is a solid with 25 % of amino acid concentrate content, obtained by the controlled fermentation of ed micro-organisms and subsequent acid hydrolysis.
Through these processes you obtain a balanced product that contains natural components that are found in vegetable structures such as amino acids, peptides, enzymes, polysaccharides and micro-nutrients. Strains of micro-organisms present in plant roots, which possess a high protein production capacity (pre s of the L-amino acids after their hydrolysis) are used in the fermentation process that is carried out under strictly controlled conditions. The remaining nutrients available in AminoActiv®GS 250SLare due to the nutrient rich environment in which the fermentation process is carried out, which is necessary for the growth of any living organism The L-amino acids of AminoActiv® GS 250 are quickly absorbed by the plant with a minimum energy consumption, through foliar as well as radicular absorption.


Content % w/w :
Total nitrogen ………………………. 15,0
Organic nitrogen …………..……... 4,4
Amoniacal nitrogen (N) ……….. 10,5
Free amino acids ………………….. 25,0

AminoActiv ® GS 250 is a biostimulant for root or foliar application, which due to its content of free amino acids, their aminogram, has the following features:
• Contributes to the formation and improvement of the radicular system.
• Helps in the assimilation of macro-lements supplied by the plant.
• Stimulates the seed germination process.
• Accelerates the formation and growth of leaves due to its positice effect on the chlorophyll function.
• Decreases the effect of stress due to the extreme weather and chemical conditions caused by plant health products.
• Eases the regeneration of tissue damaged by pruning, burns, cuts, wind etc.
• Improves the coloration, size and homogenity of the fruit.
• Stimulates the setting and flowering.

Foliar: 750-1200 g/1000 l
Radical: 2-4 kg/ha

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