Potassium Phosphite


Nutritional Value / Fungicidal Activity

2 in1


Potassium phosphite is a multi-purpose compound which is suitable for phosphorous and potassium deficiencies and improve plant immune system as well. Phosphorous in this product is in phosphorous acid form (PO3 molecules) which is fast-acting and extremely mobile systemically via the phloem and xylem to the leaves and roots. Potassium phosphite has also fungicidal activity that can improve plant immune system by inducing phytoalexins which resist the plant against some important fungal diseases such as powdery and downy mildew, damping off, root and crown rots.



  • Rapidly corrects P and K deficiencies
  • Improves fruit color
  • Enhances plant immune system
  • Fungicidal activity against Oomycetes
  • Increases fruit setting and crop yield


Composition (w/v):

Phosphorous (P2O5) ….......... 40 %

Potassium (K2O) …………… 36 %


Application Recommendations:

Apply 3 lit/ha for preventing fungal diseases and 5 lit/ha after disease incidence.

For preventing damping off and root rots, should be applied at early stages immediately after growing or at transplanting stage.

Time period between applying phosphite and copper compounds should be at least 2 weeks. 



Do not mix potassium phosphite® with very alkaline chemical compounds, mineral oils, sulphur, calcium, polysulphides, cupric chemical compounds.



Keep above 5°C and dry place, away from direct sunshine and reach of children.


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